Bistro Sågen by RIB

We travel by RIB to Aborrviken on Svartsö. The old saw mill is nowadays a premise for dining and partying. The old shop is nice and cozy and invites up to 90 sitting guests.

In the other part of the building all the machines are left. Here you will find a lot of things to look at and feel the atmosphere. Invite some musicians and you will have an unforgettable evening, maybe night.

Bistro Sågen is perfect for small and big events, we manage up to 60 guests in our RIBs. If you have more guests than that, we cooperate with our colleagues.

A popular activity is to prepare your own dinner together with chefs at Bistro Sågen.

Send in the Inquiry to the right or call 08-611 1929.

Time 5 hours

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