RIB boat in the Stockholm Archipelago - Unique & tailor-made experiences


We offer fantastic experiences, attractive events, interesting conferences and tourist events by RIB boat in the Stockholm Archipelago and on the lake Mälaren. With our long experience we know every corner of the Archipelago and all the interesting people to meet out there.

All spiced with adventure and the special energy you get at sea.

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RIB boat in the Stockholm Archipelago

Tours by RIB boat provide an unrivaled opportunity to experience Stockholm’s beautiful waters. Quickly and safely, but also a little breathtaking and adventurous, we can in a short time take us anywhere you want. We believe in “tailor-made” experiences, not ready-made packages. Therefore, use our knowledge and long experience of Stockholm Archipelago and Lake Mälaren to create the unique experience. The combinations for sights, restaurants, conferences, adventures and more are almost endless. We know where the highlights are among 30,000 islands and we know the right people.

What suits best? Adventurous and fast-paced combined with an urgent conference. Pure enjoyment of the beautiful archipelago. Fun competitions with both navigation and tricky tasks as part of a kick-off or season ending. Do you want to be picked up at Strandvägen or Dalarö, closed at Sandhamn or in Vaxholm? Relax in the hot tub or sauna. Bachelorette party or bachelorette party. Culture and music. Seal safari. Food and drink – no matter what you want, we arrange it. We have solutions for most things. Feel free to be inspired by our finished suggestions, and join us on a RIB boat-adventure!

RIB Charter cruise in Stockholm

We know every corner of the Archipelago. We pick you up and go wherever you want.

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Team building and Kick-off by RIB

Time for Team building or Kick-off? We can make your goals come through.

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Dinner in the Archipelago by RIB

There are a lot of excellent restaurants in the Archipelago. Combine an adventureous and speedy trip with our RIBs with a fantastic meal.

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Conference by RIB

The Archipelago is the very best for conferences. Let us arrange your creative and effective meeting.

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