Our RIBs


Our fleet consists of five RIB boats, Agapi 900 Open. RIB stand for Reinforced Inflatable Boat or a boat with a stiff hull and tubes in rubber. Our boats are relatively low in weight compared to their size, can travel fast and have high seaworthiness and stability. Each boat can welcome 12 guests. We can welcome 60 guests to our own fleet and together with our friends we are able to arrange events with more than 200 guests. Our boats can be transported on a trailer which means that we can arrange events just about anywhere.

Our boats are equipped with 5,3 litre 350 hp Yamaha V8 outborders. We drive 45 knots (83,3 km/h or 51,8 mph).  The engine is of the latest four-stroke technology and meet high environmental standards set in the marine area. Onboard we have electronic seachart plotters, VHF, AIS and high speed radar. Neither darkness nor fog stop us.