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RIB Charter cruise in Stockholm

We know every corner of the Archipelago. We pick you up and go wherever you want.

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Dinner in the Archipelago by RIB

There are a lot of excellent restaurants in the Archipelago. Combine an adventureous and speedy trip with our RIBs with a fantastic meal.

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Seal Safari by RIB

In the outer Archipelago we usually meet both seals and eagles.

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Compete in RIB Race

Let´s go hunting with RIB´s and iPad´s. The challenge is to navigate, travel at maximum speed and at the same time cooperate with your team to solve different tasks. Wow.

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For the bachorlette or the bachelor by RIB

We create unforgettable memories for the bride or the groom.

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Epic Landsort by RIB

Visit the most southern island of the Stockholm Archipelago. Populated since 16th century and still in good shape. On the bucket list for many!

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Dinner at the bridge by RIB

With high speed we take you out to our own island. Here you can have a sauna and warm up in a hot tub.

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Island Chef on Svartsö by RIB

You do not find this place in the Yellow Pages. And not on the web.

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Olle at Gillinge by RIB

Meet the outer Archipelago. And meet our friend Olle. You will see a fantastic scenery and experience exquisite cuisine.

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Möja by RIB

Let us go to fantastic Möja. Combine fantastic sights, fun activities and excellent food.

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RIB boat in Stockholm - The Nåttarö Special

The southern part of the Stockholm archipelago is brilliant. Enjoy it with us.

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Bistro Sågen by RIB

Bistro Sågen is the place for small and big events. Go by RIB to Svartsö, up to 90 guests. Prepare your own meal.

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Customer feedback


Great fun and fast! But all the same, as a passenger, you feel safe and secure in the boat. Have a go at this. Our captain, Hans, took very good care of the whole team. I highly recommend Sea Events, for having an exclusive – and fun – time with your colleaugues.