Stockholm Archipelago, events by RIB boats.


We offer fantastic experiences, attractive events, interesting conferences and tourist events in the Stockholm Archipelago and on the lake Mälaren. With our long experience we know every corner of the Archipelago and all the interesting people to meet out there.

All spiced with adventure and the special energy you get at sea by RIB boats.

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RIB in the Stockholm Archipelago

Our skill is to customize your event. We know the Archipelago and the interesting people. Tell us about the purpose of your event and about all the interesting people you invite. We have an exciting solution for 2 to 400 persons.

RIB Charter

We know every corner of the Archipelago. We pick you up and go wherever you want.

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Dinner in the Archipelago by RIB

There are a lot of excellent restaurants in the Archipelago. Combine an adventureous and speedy trip with our RIBs with a fantastic meal.

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Epic Landsort by RIB

Visit the most southern island of the Stockholm Archipelago. Populated since 16th century and still in good shape. On the bucket list for many!

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Seal and Eagle Safari by RIB

In the outer Archipelago we usually meet both seals and eagles.

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